jeudi 28 février 2019

Omnity (Round 2)

What is Omnity?
With the continuous growth of knowledge, it is now impossible to stay current in any area. Authors can no longer read everything, and they cannot cite what they do not know. As a result, the network of documents that connect through citations is becoming ever more sparse (less than 1% of documents that should link to one another actually do so).
Fusing natural language processing, machine learning, graph math, and linguistic blockchain, Omnity finds shared meaning between documents by detecting similar patterns of shared rare words - a mathematical approach that transcends the limitations of conventional, link-based document discovery. Omnity works in over 100 languages, including those based on characters.


  1. Go to .
  2. sing up with your details and verify your mail. (Mandatory, +6 OM)
  3. Visit the Omnity airdrop form.
  4. Join Omnity Telegram group. (Optional, +6 OM)
  5. Follow Omnity on Twitter and retweet any tweets. (Optional, +4 OM)
  6. Like Omnity Facebook page and share any posts. (Optional, +4 OM)
  7. Submit your details to the airdrop form.
  8. You will receive 20 OM tokens for completing all tasks.



Est. value$15
 Ends in28 days
 Validation100% REAL


Token typeERC20

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